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Read the diary of a plus size single as she journeys to find Mr Right.
Read her thoughts and dreams and discover her dating adventures as she enters the world of plus size online dating for the first time.

The diary of a plus size single as she journeys to find Mr Right.

Part 2: Big and Single Lady Finds Love

Is it possible to feel 17 again when you are having unadulterated fun? I feel like I want to pinch myself. The sceptic in me does not trust this feeling. Could it be this easy for a 30 something BIG and SINGLE lady to find LOVE with someone I discovered online @ Big Singles dating.

I met Ron at a café in town. He was holding a single red rose. (scream) How romantic. He looked even better in the flesh. Definitely, this BIG singles type of guy. We ordered sweet treats and coffee and sat in the back of the café, which was quite secluded. Table for two. This was definitely my closest to heaven experience as we were indulging my sweet tooth. Yet, I could barely eat. The chemistry in that little café was too much. We were both just so smitten with each other. He said I was beautiful. Not BIG and Beautiful like most people tend to say to me. Simply beautiful!

The evening ended early. I had to get away as I was confused. After spending years in a long term relationship, I did not think it was possible to feel this way again. Butterflies in the tummy, pure excitement. On the way home my smart phone lights up, messages from Ron. He wants to see me again. I will respond when I get home, I need time to think. Should I drag this out some more or will he lose interest if I am too slow to react? He may think I have lost interest after meeting him. Being older and wiser has taught me that the anticipation is usually the best part of this whole dating game.

Don't want to give in now when I am having so much fun @ Big singles dating.

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