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Read the diary of a plus size single as she journeys to find Mr Right.
Read her thoughts and dreams and discover her dating adventures as she enters the world of plus size online dating for the first time.

The diary of a plus size single as she journeys to find Mr Right.

Plus Size Online Dating is Big Fun!

After years of searching for Mr Right copious amount of money spent on new outfits and paying for dinner for a few unscrupulous characters, I am spent. No pun intended.

Now I have found an easy way to suss out the prey while still in my bath robe. A cheap and secure way to find Mr Right from the comfort of my own convenience.

I am flawless in my profile picture thanks to photo-shop. The years have been kind to me, thankfully but being a natural larger lady, sometimes the confidence is not so high. Honestly, the camera adds 20lbs!! This big single need as much help as she can get.

I have my first date with Ron tonight. Very cute and very funny. We have been chatting for a while now, 6 weeks to be exact. This may seem like a long time in online dating world but I am fairly new to this and wanted to drag out the excitement for a wee bit longer. I have not revealed too much of myself and this age old trick has worked brilliantly. He is very much intrigued!

In the mean -time Erik has also noticed my picture and the fact that we are both big into the great outdoors. He has kept me entertained with tales of his big hiking adventures in the Swiss alps.

Finally, a girl can have a backup without the whole world judging her actions. Ron and Erik are none the wiser. Did I say online dating is Big fun!!!! Back to Ron and our big evening. I suggested coffee and cakes to keep things casual and light. I am still nervous though.... must go rummage through my wardrobe to find the perfect outfit to go with my freshly styled tresses.

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