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Things To Be Aware of When You're Dating Someone of Size

If you are going to be dating a plus size man or woman, then it is important that you consider their needs. It can be easy to assume that dating a curvy person is exactly the same as a thinner person, and in many ways it is. However if you want to create a good impression and ensure that your date has a good time, then you should make sure you consider whether they have any additional needs and how you can accommodate these.

Where Are You Going On Your Date?

One of the things you should give the most thought to is where you are going on your date. If you have a plus size dating partner then a hike up the mountains or a long beach walk might not be their idea of a good time. Even if you are going out for dinner or to the cinema then try to think about where you can park and how far the walk is. These might not always be an issue but if you are dating someone who is on the larger side then they might not want to walk very far - after all, who wants to turn up to their date looking hot and sweaty?

What is Your Date Venue Like?

Once you have consider the type of date that you want to go on, you need to think about the venue itself. One thing you might want to look at is the seating of a venue. If you are dating someone that is plus size, then seating that is fixed in place or laid out like a booth might not work. Your date isn't going to want to be squeezed into somewhere and not sat comfortably. The same goes for high stalls which might not work either. Also very small places, venues where tables are close together or seats that are small might need to be reconsidered. A lot of this will depend on the size of your date, but it is definitely something that you will want to think about.

General Dating Etiquette

Much like any other date you go on, you're going to want to make sure that they are having a good time. Look for body language and check for any times where they may be unhappy - and then see if there is anything you can do to change it. Of course, you should allow for someone to be nervous because this is natural and not something that can be helped. Don't forget to tell them how nice they look and how much you appreciate them taking the time to meet you. Compliments go a long way - and can help the person you are meeting to feel much less nervous. You should pay attention to what they are saying and ask relevant questions. Try to keep the conversation flowing as no one likes those awkward silences.

Ask Them Before You Go Out

Rather than worry about what you should and shouldn't be doing on a date, why not ask them before hand? If you have a discussion about the type of date they would like or where they would like to meet you then this helps to ensure that everyone is happy. By speaking to them before hand, in a subtle way, you show that you are caring and considerate. Showing that their happiness is important to you is a fantastic way to get off on the right step when it comes to dating and definitely something that you should consider when you are arranging to meet someone.


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