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What to wear if you are plus size

Plus Size DatingIf you have a plus-size figure, you'll know that finding on-trend clothing for work and play can sometimes be a struggle. But, good news: the high street is embracing Britain's curvy-licious fashion lovers and style is finally there for the taking for all women.

Hear in the UK, most shops and stores consider a woman who is above a size 16 to be a plus size, however the average dress size in the UK is a 14, this is likely to change soon.

Every woman is different: from height to curves in different places, there's no one item of clothing that suits all women. The way clothes fit you is the crucial factor. Jane Eskriett, brand director of Ann Harvey says, "Look for clothing that shapes and contours your body - and avoid oversized smocks and tunics that will swamp you. Go for details such as trims, which can highlight areas you love, such as your neck or breasts."

Dont dress for your size, aim to dress for your shape. Go for quality fabrics that make you feel confident and comfortable. Eskriett adds, "Our pattern-cutters see the quality of fabric, colour and print as of key importance. For example, if they're designed badly, the shoulders and armholes of clothing can make garments look boxy and masculine."

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